Some of you will have seen the charity survey which was distributed a few months ago. It was all about what charity we would as Girlguiding Leicestershire like to support during our Centenary.

So you’re all probably thinking, what is this Smalls for All charity people keep talking about?

Smalls for All is a charity based in Scotland which collects, in association with Freedom from Fistula Foundation and Kenya Children’s Home UK, bras and pants for girls and young women in Africa.

So what would we like you to do?

We would like to collect as many gently worn or new bras and new underwear. These will then be collected and transported, through a long road trip up to Scotland and then off to Africa. Once they have travelled hundreds of miles to Africa they will be gratefully received by the girls and young women.

Why do these girls and young women need underwear?

We take having underwear for granted. You wouldn’t dream of going out without wearing any underwear so why should women and children in Africa go to school without underwear? We have an amazing opportunity in 2017 to allow these women and children to gain some dignity, self worth and access education.

Did you know, young girls can miss the opportunity for education because they do not have any underwear? Think of the difference you could make by donating today!

Let’s see how many bras and pants we can collect as a county. If we all donate one bra, we could provide over 8000 girls and young women in Africa with a piece of underwear.

If you would like more information about Smalls for All and what they do, head over to their website

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