As part of our Centenary Celebrations we've designed our own merchandise range to all our members. Our merchandise can be worn all throughout the Centenary year, but remember this is only guiding wear. 

We have four different items on offer for you. All our items were picked by our Division Centenary Champions.

For our members we have a polo t-shirt (in navy and in turquoise), a navy zoodie (a zip up hoodie) and a navy, with navy collar rugby shirt. Also, for our younger members we have a navy zoodie.

Not sure what size you require or want to see what it looks like? If you pop into the Shop at County Office you can get a rough idea of the sizing (we do only have one sample item of each product, so we hope that helps you). Or look out at County events where our sample merchandise will be going on a little roadtrip.

Even though you can try the merchandise on in the shop, unfortunately you cannot order it though the shop. But you can order your merchandise herethrough the One Stop Scouting website!

Did you know the logo on our merchandise is our Centenary badge? Do you like it? You can purchase your Centenary badges at the Girlguiding Leicestershire Equipment Store. Why not email the shop and get your badge order in now?

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