The Richard III Discovery Centre & Leicester Cathedral

Based right in the city centre, you could enjoy a day of history and culture in The Richard III Discovery Centre – you might be able to spot a picture of a Brownie or two while you’re there. You can find out how a King ended his days in a car park in Leicester – from the story of how he died to how he was found.

There is a charge to enter the centre – see their website for more details.

For Rainbows and Brownies, there is a small discovery trail round the centre so don’t forget to pick your sheet up when you arrive!

At Leicester Cathedral, which is just around the corner from the Discovery Centre, you can visit King Richard III tomb.




There are a number of museums within the city centre which you can visit for free. However be aware that many have special event days (which might have a small cost associated) or trails designed to lead children around the museum.

Click on the name of the museum below to plan your visit!

New Walk Museum


Newarke Houses Museum

Jewry Wall Museum

Don’t forget the Girlguiding Leicestershire office and shop are located in the city centre too, just off New Walk (look out for the blue door!)

Check out our website for opening day and times



Put on a Play

In Richard’s time, plays were often used to inform the public of what they should be thinking rather than allowing them to make their own mind up.   

“The play’s the thing…”

Plays were used to inform people of what the noble classes thought and also to educate people about morals and cautionary tales.  

Put on a short play in your group or unit. You could also try and act out a fable, fairy-tale with a moral or part of a Shakespeare play.


downloadable version