Equipment held at County office - all items are available for hire by members of Girlguiding Leicestershire units only


  • Complete the on-line booking form. 
  • Ensure you have read and agreed with the statements on the form.
  • Your booking will be confirmed by email, as long as all the information requested has being submitted on the form.
  • If the items are not available for the days that you have requested, you will be notified to this effect.
  • PLEASE NOTE: Your booking is NOT confirmed, until you have received your 'booking and amount of deposit needed' confirmation email from County Office. This confirmation email is not an automated one.


  • Read any information with it carefully, BEFORE and each time you use the item/s.
  • If it is the first time you have hired out the equipment, try it out before using at your meeting (telephone County Office if you have any problems).

Hire charges

  • The hire charge is £1 per item, for each day/part day (Monday to Friday) the equipment is in your possession, i.e. collect Monday, return Tuesday = £2. 


  • Ensure you have all the items - check them against the list provided with the equipment - and ensure the items are tidy.
  • Return to County Office on the date/time specified.
  • Pay the charges due. Payment for this can be by cheque or cash.
  • Deposit cheques will only be shredded subject to items being checked by County Office staff and all criteria’s being met.
  • You will be informed if deposits are cashed due to lost/damaged items/late returns not agreed with County office and any balance will be invoiced to your unit.

Additional information

  • When hiring, it is your responsibility to check the equipment/activity is suitable for your unit BEFORE hiring.
  • The equipment is very popular. Please keep to the days and times you have booked as other Leaders will have arranged their collection around this.
  • Some items are very expensive, so please treat them all with care.
  • Do not be afraid to ask to be shown how to use any equipment you are not familiar with.
  • Note that, for safety reasons, some equipment is only available with a trained Arts Adviser. Expect to pay an Adviser’s expenses in addition.
  • Normal opening hours are Monday to Friday 10.00 am. - 4.00 pm. If you (or your representative) are not able to collect or return during these hours, please contact County Office as someone may be able available outside of these hours Monday to Friday only.
  • Please DO NOT pass onto another unit, unless previously arranged with County Office.
  • County Office retains the right to refuse hire of equipment to anyone not using it properly/constantly lost items/refusal to pay amount set. 


Sports Equipment

Other Physical Activities

Craft Activities

Musical Instruments

Resusci Anne


Uniforms and Semaphore Flags

Event Equipment

Equipment Hire

By submitting this request you agree with the following:-

  • I have read all the instructions for Equipment hire
  • I am aware that a deposit is needed for every item that I require - ONLY A CHEQUE  will be accepted and I will ensure whoever collects the equipment will bring the cheque with them
  • I am aware that I should receive an email within 5 days confirming that my booking  has been accepted
  • I understand that I am hiring the equipment in a good and complete condition
  • I agree that I will be charged if the equipment is found to be damaged, incomplete, or in an unacceptable state on its return
  • I agree to pay any pre-arranged overdue fees, or forfeit my deposit if items are not returned when agreed










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  • FOR UNIFORM HIRE ONLY - Type of event (e.g. Unit meeting, Display etc) is required.
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