Have you been to a meeting or event recently and seen three duck waddling around? It looks like they have been on a little bit of an adventure recently so we thought we would get them to quack up a blog post!


We are some of Girlguiding’s Centenary Ducks. We have been hibernating since 2010, but have decided to come out of the Duck House to party with Girlguiding Leicestershire as THEY celebrate THEIR Centenary. We like taking selfies, and LOVE this one of us with our badge – designed by a Brownie from Oadby – the badges are now on sale in “Guiding Essentials” at County Office! (If you pop in and there isn't any left, don't worry, there are more badges on order!)

It looks like it’s going to be a busy year! We went to 2 guiding events one day, we're very busy ducks!

First we went to a Rainbow planning meeting. All of our units have trained leadership teams who plan exciting programmes for our members. Between now and the summer holidays, our Rainbows are going to be taking part in activities from “Roundabout the World” – including some cooking – our Rainbows LOVE to cook – in between lots of other exciting events such as “Winter Wonderland”, a Division 30th Birthday Party for Rainbows, and maybe even a sleepover. When they have finished the Roundabout, the Rainbows will get a badge – like all members of Girlguiding, the Rainbows LOVE badges!

Our Rainbows are really lucky – in addition to our adult Leaders/helpers, we have 3 amazing Young Leaders called Charlotte, Phoebe and Ella, who are working on their Young Leader Qualification – they help the Rainbows learn lots of exciting things and play some great games with them – though it has to be said that one of their favourites is “Sandstorm”, where they all run around “singing” the alphabet (or at Christmas, Jingle Bells at the TOP of their voices!) – when the sandstorm hits, they all crouch down on the floor, one of them gets covered with a blanket and they have to guess who it is.

In the evening we went to a 'Membership Support' Committee meeting.

The 'Membership Support' Committee is a group of experiencedlLeaders who look after things like our membership database/joining system, training/qualifications, DBS checks and Awards. The meeting was quite serious in parts but as with all guiding events we also had a lot of fun – and we got to eat – there was a healthy option and a treat option – we’ll let you guess which one we chose!

As with all of our Leaders, the people at the meeting were all there in a voluntary capacity – they tell us they do it because they enjoy it. We got to meet the County Commissioner and a lady who has promised to knit us some of those fab orange hats that all the folks in Girlguiding Leicestershire seem to like (though she said she can’t also make us neckers). We also met a lady who threatened to kidnap us at our “Big Night Out” in July – we’ll be keeping our eyes out for her. There was a tentative kidnap attempt by someone else last night – we’re going to have to be on our guard!

Here’s wishing everyone in Girlguiding Leicestershire a quacking good Centenary Year – and provided we survive kidnap attempts, we may be back later in the year to share more of our adventures! J

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