Great Central Railway

Great Central Railway is a day of rail travel from yesteryear. You can explore the train sheds, the model railway and the waiting rooms. You could even catch the train from Quorn, where there is a large car park and visit the stations along the line.

There are special events held regularly so it’s best to check the up to date details on the website.


Geocaching is a real life treasure hunt which uses your phone or GPS. Geocaches can be big or small, high or low and in urban or rural environments. So keep your eyes peeled but try not to get spotted by other people who are out and about!

The app can be downloaded from your app store – you will need to create an account to use it – why not create a unit account then whenever you are out and about you can find caches anywhere, anytime!

Visit the website here to create your account and see which caches you could find!

GPS’s can be hired from the County Office to assist in your adventure – head to the Leicestershire website to complete the booking form.

Top Tip:

* The free, basic membership is fine (you can log in via your Facebook account – it doesn’t appear on your account) however, you will not be able to find advanced level caches unless you sign up for a paid membership.

* Check the activity of the cache first – if it appears DNF (Did Not Find), the last person couldn’t find it

* Some geocaches may have trackables within them so why not take something to add to the cache – Join Us cards make good trackables, who can you recruit along the way!

* Remember to put the Geocache back where you found it

* Most of all don’t be disheartened if you cannot find any – practice makes perfect!


Play Loose Caboose

This game can be played outside or in a large area.

Choose one child to be a caboose. The rest of the children create one or more trains (depending on numbers playing) by hooking together/holding the t-shirt of the person in front. The caboose tries to catch onto the back of one of the trains. Trains chug around and try to avoid being caught by the caboose. When the caboose catches a train, the engine (the person at the front of the line) of that train becomes the next caboose.

NB A caboose is a manned North American railroad car coupled at the end of a freight train. Cabooses provide shelter for crew at the end of a train.

Fruit Trains

Use different fruits (which fruits you use is entirely up to you and your unit).

How many different fruits can you use in your train? (Don’t forget to share your photos on social media using our hashtag #GirlguidingLeicestershire!

The train the picture below uses watermelon, banana, grapes, blue berries and pineapple.

downloadable version