My memories of the Senior Section 

Jessica Dunn

When I think back about my favourite memories from my Guiding experience so far, I think about Charnwood, county camps, trips to Topstones and days to Drayton Manor; but out of all the memories, my time within the Leicestershire Senior Section stand out most. 

Once I finished being a Guide, I couldn't bare to leave! But at the age of 14, I was looking for other opportunities, something different to explore. I was approached by my local Ranger unit to join their meetings every Thursday and to see if I fancied attending a weekend away at Topstones for Senior Section only; wow, this is what I was after! 

I attended my first Leicestershire Senior Section only weekend – Go Wild! It was brilliant, we didn't have to have lights out by 10, we could stay up and gossip, we were aloud hot drinks when we wanted them and we could even go shopping with the leaders for our dinner! It was so different from Guide camps I had been on. I met a group of amazing girls from around the county, and before the weekend was over, we were already arranging the next weekend. 

Between the years 2007-2009 I attended several weekends, they were held twice a year. Go Wild, in the Spring and Chillout in the Autumn.  They were always In different locations around the county. We even had our own mascot, and slogan ‘living the dream’.  I remember the volunteers fondly that ran the weekends, Abi Salter, Sarah, Catherine Bradley and Helen Olivier. All three of these ladies made such an impact on us all, they were approachable, friendly and gave us the space we needed. We respected them so much, and the feeling was mutual. 

I felt like we had made a real Guiding family, when we weren't together, we would talk over MSN messenger and emails, arranging the next weekend away and who was bringing the snacks. We lived for Guiding events to meet up! We couldn't wait six months, that was too long to catch up on all the gossip, so we took matters into our own hands and arranged several meet ups between us, always involving eating! 

And then came Buzz… ‘How does a county camp sound?’ I remember Abi saying to me. ‘Camping, in the rain, with no phone charger… I don't think so’ I remember thinking. Abi continued ‘we are thinking about heading up a Senior Section only sub camp, camping on your own’. My ears perked up. This was just the responsibility I needed. Before we knew it, there we all were, camping at the county camp at Topstones, together again, me and my Senior Section family. It was the best week of our Guiding journey so far, wet, but despite my reservations, amazing! It was bittersweet, we knew most of us were separating our own ways for college or university and this was probably the last in our epic adventures together, even more reason to make the most of it! 

So where are we all now? Some of us are still in contact, some of us moved abroad and I even ended up at university with two of our gang! We often see each other at County Day and other County events, it's lovely to have a catch up with each other. Despite our different paths now, I can speak for us all when I say thank you to everyone that shaped our Senior Section experience in Leicestershire, you gave us so many life skills we wouldn't have got anywhere else and encouraged many of us to stay within Guiding for years to come. 

Thank you Leicestershire. 
We really ‘lived the dream’

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The monkey fell out of his bunk! 

Campfire singing

As the weather gets warmer and you make the most of being outside, why not try a campfire sing-a-long? Campfires and singing have been a long standing tradition not only in Leicestershire, but Guiding history. 

Lots of units all over the county have spent their meetings this term visiting songs they haven't sung in a long time, or teaching the younger girls some of the classics from our 100 years history. 

We've put together some favourites to try that fellow Leicestershire units have shared...


Baby Bumble Bee
I’m taking home a baby bumble bee, Won’t my mommy be surprised at me, I’m taking home a baby bumble bee, Ouch it’s stung me,
I’m squashing up the baby bumble bee, Won’t my mommy be surprised at me, I’m squashing up the baby bumble bee, Ugh what a mess
I’m wiping up the baby bumble bee, Won’t my mommy be surprised at me, I’m wiping up the baby bumble bee, Ugh what a mess,
I’m licking up the baby bumble bee, Won’t my mommy be surprised at me, I’m licking up the baby bumble bee, Ugh what a taste,
I’m burping up the baby bumble bee, Won’t my mommy be surprised at me, I’m burping up the baby bumble bee, Ugh what a mess,
I’m sweeping up the baby bumble bee, Won’t my mommy be surprised at me, I’m sweeping up the baby bumble bee, Just like a good Guide should.


Animal Fair
I went to the animal fair. The birds and the bees were there. The big baboon in the light of the moon was combing his golden hair. The monkey fell out of his bunk slid down the elephant’s trunk. The elephant sneezed and fell on his knees and that was the end of MONKEY!


Oh You’ll never get to Heaven
Leader: Oh the Deacon went down Response: Oh the Deacon went down Leader: To the cellar to pray Response: To the cellar to pray Leader: The lights went out Response: The lights went out Leader: And he stayed all day Response: And he stayed all day
Oh You’ll never get to heaven (echo) In a bottle of gin (echo) Cause the lord don’t let (echo) No spirits in (echo)
(repeat without echos)
I ain’t gonna grieve my lord, I ain’t gonna grieve my lord, I ain’t gonna grieve my lord no more.
On roller skates, cause you’ll roll right past them pearly gates, In a jumbo jet, cause the lord ain’t built no run ways yet, In a playtex bra, cause a playtex bra won’t stretch that far, In a baked bin tin, cause a baked bin tin’s got bake beans in, In a biscuit tin, cause the lord don’t let no crummy ones in, In so and so’s car, cause so and so’s car won’t get that far, In a portaloo, cause a portaloo is full of water, On a Boy Scouts knee, cause a Boy Scout’s knee’s too knobbly (You never know where his hands might be), Sheet of glass, cause a sheet of glass will cut your bottom, On a ping pong ball, cause a ping pong ball is far too small, On a motor bike, cause half way there you’ll have to hike, In a limousine, cause the lord ain’t got no gasoline, In a rocking chair, cause the lord don’t want no rockers there, In a wicker chair, cause the lord don’t want no baskets there, In an apple tree, cause and apple tree’s got roots you see, In a girl guides arms, cause the lord don’t want no feminine charms,
If you get there, before I do, Then dig a hole and pull me through,
If I get there, before you do, I’ll dig a hole and spit on you.
Well if I get to heaven, before you do I’ll plug that hole, with shavings and glue
That’s all there is, there is no more St Peter said, as he shut the door
Oh there’s one more thing I forgot to tell If you don’t go to heaven, you’ll go to…bed


Brownie Smile Song
I’ve got something in my pocket, it belongs across my face. I keep it very close at hand, in a most convienient place. I’m sure you couldn’t guess it if you guessed a long, long while. So I’ll take it out and put it on, it’s a Great Big Brownie Smile!


Camp Fires Burning
Camp fires burning, Camp fires burning, Draw nearer, Draw nearer, In the glowing, In the glowing Come sing and be merry.


Can a Woman? (Tune: She’ll Be Coming Round the Mountain)
Can a woman fly an airplane? Yes she can, yes she can! Can a woman build a building? Yes she can, yes she can!
Can a woman fight a fire? Can a woman change a tire? Can a woman lead a choir? Yes she can, yes she can!
Can a woman be a lawyer? Yes she can, yes she can! Can a woman fix an engine? Yes she can, yes she can!
Can a woman be a drummer? Can a woman be a plumber? Can she play ball in the summer? Yes she can, yes she can!
Can a woman be a doctor? Yes she can, yes she can! Can a woman drive a tractor? Yes she can. yes she can!
Can a woman lead a nation? Can she run a TV station? Can she head a corporation? Yes she can, yes she can!
Just you wait until we’re older, then you’ll see We’ll be women in tomorrow’s history!
As we grow up through the years We’ll sing out loud and clear Can we start the process here? Yes we can, yes we can!!


What were your favourite campfire songs from your Guiding memories? Let us know in the comments, share our songbooks and let's get singing!


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Thinking of what to do next term? 

Centenary Challenge

Hello all! 


So it's that time of year again where we hang up our uniform, put down our Guiding bag for life and sit on the sofa for an extra night a week! BUT WAIT! We need to plan what we will get up to next term!

Have you thought about the Centenary Challenge?

There are many people from around the county taking part this term, and we have had some brilliant feedback already! 


More information can be found here...




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Our Chalet - My Volunteering Experience 

Georgie Moore


Hello, my name is Georgie, I'm from Leicester in the UK, and I am a spring volunteer here at Our Chalet!



Over the last two months I must have said these words almost one hundred times, but I never get tired of saying them. That's because I am spending three months volunteering in the Swiss Alps - something I never thought I would get the chance to do! My role as an Our Chalet Assistant involves everything from leading hikes to cooking dinner for 50 people, and I’m loving every minute.


Our Chalet is one of the 5 WAGGGS World Centres for Guides and Girl Scouts around the world. 2017 is not only the Centenery of Leicestershire Guiding, but it also marks Our Chalet's 85th Birthday, so this year is extra special for many reasons.




So what is life at Our Chalet actually like?

Located in Adelboden, a village in the Swiss Alps, Our Chalet is perfectly placed for winter sports - I have tried skiing, sledding and airboarding so far. Although skiing was great fun, it turned out to be quite difficult to learn from a YouTube video... I spent most of the time on the ground, trying to figure out how to get back up. Now the snow is beginning to melt away, and we alternate between snowy days and sunny days (of around 15-18 degrees), hiking is becoming even more popular. However we hike whatever the weather.


Hiking is also a popular activity that guests choose to do during their break at Our Chalet, so often the volunteers get to go out and about, leading groups on hikes. Recently, I have taken girls from Shropshire, Yorkshire and Lebanon on a hike to Switzerland's second highest waterfall, and a group based on the Belgium/Netherlands border to the local Woodcarver’s shop.


On a typical working day, I might start with preparing breakfast or running the on-site shop and reception (or enjoy a lie in if my rota allows). Every working day includes a morning meeting at 9:30am, where all the staff get together to plan for the day. Our morning tasks usually include preparing rooms, cleaning the common areas and each volunteer either helps prepare for, or clean up after,  lunch. Then the afternoon is an opportunity to relax, go on a hike or run, work on a special project, or attend a meeting or workshop about something specific, such as budgeting. Napping is also sometimes a popular option! Then we would prepare dinner, and eat with all the guests - a great opportunity to find out about the other countries represented at Our Chalet. In the evening we would tidy up the kitchen (which often involves lots of singing) and then join an evening programme with the guests, or return to the volunteer house for some fun, such as a chocolate fondue, movie night or campfire.



Back in Leicestershire,

I am a member of 1st Hinckley's Senior Section, and I first found out about the World Centres at the County International Selection Weekend. I am so grateful to the International Team in Leicestershire for helping me find out about this opportunity!



I have met so many amazing people and learnt so much already. Our Chalet is also a brilliant place to meet people from all over the world. As well as the guests, we have a truly international staff team representing Guides and Scouts from countries including Mexico, Sweden, Japan and Kenya. If you are a ranger or leader (or anyone in guiding over 18) I would strongly recommend volunteering at a World Centre. Guides of any age can also come to visit, or take part in events. Volunteering at Our Chalet has certainly given me plenty of Guiding goosebump moments already, and I can't wait to continue the adventure in May!

For more information you can check out the Our Chalet website:


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Our big night out/One moment in time.

Wow! What a fantastic weekend of celebrating!

The 1st July marked our 100th birthday. Rainbows, Brownies, Guides, Senior Section, Leaders, Helpers and Trefoil from all over Leicestershire joined together to celebrate our Birthday! Some divisions had parties, some had a picnic and others went camping!

The whole county joined together between the hours of 19:17 and 20:17 for our One Moment in Time. We read memorable words from Rachel and Becks and were inspired to think about our next 100 years in the movement. We joined together with activities around the theme of 'light' and closed the event with a simultaneous renewal of promises. 



We are keen to hear as many stories and see lots of photographs from the weekend. Please email them to 


See you soon! 

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Lots of cake! 

Thank you evening

Yesterday we hosted our annual thank you evening. This year it was at Topstones. The weather was lovely and many people came to celebrate their achievements. We shared some history of Topstones, some kind messages of thanks and some tea, cakes and chatter!

Well done to all our volunteers who have completed a qualification this year!



It is wonderful to see so many of you taking time out to complete extra qualifications, which in turn, benefit the girls.

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The blog is live again! 

Hello Girlguiding Leicestershire!


The centenary blog is now up and running. So much has been happening recently and we can't wait to tell you all about it!


If you are interested in submitting a blog about anything your unit have been up to, any memories you want to share or anything you would like to shout about, please email


See you all soon!

Posted by Jessica-Jane Dunn Monday, July 10, 2017 12:06:00 PM

Our Merchandise 

As part of our Centenary Celebrations we've designed our own merchandise range to all our members. Our merchandise can be worn all throughout the Centenary year, but remember this is only guiding wear. 

We have four different items on offer for you. All our items were picked by our Division Centenary Champions.

For our members we have a polo t-shirt (in navy and in turquoise), a navy zoodie (a zip up hoodie) and a navy, with navy collar rugby shirt. Also, for our younger members we have a navy zoodie.

Not sure what size you require or want to see what it looks like? If you pop into the Shop at County Office you can get a rough idea of the sizing (we do only have one sample item of each product, so we hope that helps you). Or look out at County events where our sample merchandise will be going on a little roadtrip.

Even though you can try the merchandise on in the shop, unfortunately you cannot order it though the shop. But you can order your merchandise herethrough the One Stop Scouting website!

Did you know the logo on our merchandise is our Centenary badge? Do you like it? You can purchase your Centenary badges at the Girlguiding Leicestershire Equipment Store. Why not email the shop and get your badge order in now?

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Did someone say duck? 

Have you been to a meeting or event recently and seen three duck waddling around? It looks like they have been on a little bit of an adventure recently so we thought we would get them to quack up a blog post!


We are some of Girlguiding’s Centenary Ducks. We have been hibernating since 2010, but have decided to come out of the Duck House to party with Girlguiding Leicestershire as THEY celebrate THEIR Centenary. We like taking selfies, and LOVE this one of us with our badge – designed by a Brownie from Oadby – the badges are now on sale in “Guiding Essentials” at County Office! (If you pop in and there isn't any left, don't worry, there are more badges on order!)

It looks like it’s going to be a busy year! We went to 2 guiding events one day, we're very busy ducks!

First we went to a Rainbow planning meeting. All of our units have trained leadership teams who plan exciting programmes for our members. Between now and the summer holidays, our Rainbows are going to be taking part in activities from “Roundabout the World” – including some cooking – our Rainbows LOVE to cook – in between lots of other exciting events such as “Winter Wonderland”, a Division 30th Birthday Party for Rainbows, and maybe even a sleepover. When they have finished the Roundabout, the Rainbows will get a badge – like all members of Girlguiding, the Rainbows LOVE badges!

Our Rainbows are really lucky – in addition to our adult Leaders/helpers, we have 3 amazing Young Leaders called Charlotte, Phoebe and Ella, who are working on their Young Leader Qualification – they help the Rainbows learn lots of exciting things and play some great games with them – though it has to be said that one of their favourites is “Sandstorm”, where they all run around “singing” the alphabet (or at Christmas, Jingle Bells at the TOP of their voices!) – when the sandstorm hits, they all crouch down on the floor, one of them gets covered with a blanket and they have to guess who it is.

In the evening we went to a 'Membership Support' Committee meeting.

The 'Membership Support' Committee is a group of experiencedlLeaders who look after things like our membership database/joining system, training/qualifications, DBS checks and Awards. The meeting was quite serious in parts but as with all guiding events we also had a lot of fun – and we got to eat – there was a healthy option and a treat option – we’ll let you guess which one we chose!

As with all of our Leaders, the people at the meeting were all there in a voluntary capacity – they tell us they do it because they enjoy it. We got to meet the County Commissioner and a lady who has promised to knit us some of those fab orange hats that all the folks in Girlguiding Leicestershire seem to like (though she said she can’t also make us neckers). We also met a lady who threatened to kidnap us at our “Big Night Out” in July – we’ll be keeping our eyes out for her. There was a tentative kidnap attempt by someone else last night – we’re going to have to be on our guard!

Here’s wishing everyone in Girlguiding Leicestershire a quacking good Centenary Year – and provided we survive kidnap attempts, we may be back later in the year to share more of our adventures! J

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Winter Wonderland 

A few weekends ago 240 Rainbows and their Leaders from across the county descended on a school near Hinckley. The Rainbows kicked off our county's celebrations of Centenary by exploring a Winter Wonderland themed activity day. The girls took part in activities from igloo building, melting snowman, making their own snow globe, fancy dress and much much more! There was even a disco with Frozen songs! Let it go, let it go...

So we thought we would show you some photos of all the winter themed fun we had!

Rainbows completing their scratch art

How many different ways can Rainbows dress up?

Do you want to build a snowman?

Penelope the Penguin meeting lots of new friends from around Leicestershire

She even found some friends in an igloo!

Have you ever seen a penguin come to tea?


These are just a small selection of photos from the Rainbows Winter Wonderland. Check our our Flickr here to view more of our Centenary adventures!


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