Congo Crazy Golf

Play a game of crazy golf at Congo Crazy Gold Centre in Blaby!

To check out prices, opening times and booking, follow this link.


Make your own crazy golf course

Why not ask each small group to create a hole for your golf course?

You will need:

* Household items to build your course

            Cereal boxes

            Drink cartons

            Books for ramps

            Musical instruments (xylophone)

            Anything else you think of to use for your obstacles or to add fun to your course

            Large plastic cups for your hole

* Additional items

            Pens & paper

            Masking tape or painters tape

            Wooden skewers


            Golf balls or other small balls

            Golf putters (plastic or metal)

            Score Card (download here)

These are just ideas so feel free to add other thing to your course – some inspiration can be found here!


downloadable version